Preventative and rehabilitation program for supporting immune system during the COVID-19

Vitamin therapy and antioxidants IV, Balancing microflora of digestive and Colon system, Liver detox and much more.


Welcome to Wellness and Detox Center in Florida

Are you ready to feel better about yourself?

Heal yourself from inside out!

At wellness and detox center Island of Health, we work together to achieve healthy and happy lifestyle. Its all with each individual to find the right treatment.

We are with you with every step of the way as you improve your health and transform your body and mind into a healthier individual!

7-10-14 Days Full Holistic Program

This full body detox program and cleanse is a step-by-step detox program to cleanse everything from toxins & heavy metals to stones & even excess fat from liver.


Island of Health is:



If you have arthritis, diabetes, kidney problem, fatty liver, psoriasis, obesity, low immune system or nervous system problems, our center is for you.


If you are ready to feel better about yourself, heal yourself from the inside out. What work for one, doesn't work for another. We work with each individual to find the right treatment. We are with you every step of the way as you improve your health.


We are open 7 days a week from 10 to the last client. Our goal is to make you healthy, happy and attractive.

Our services

helps with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and many different skin disorder problems.
purging of heavy metals; detoxifying the liver, kidney; parasites cleansing, balance ph level; purging of yeast; enchancing the immune system; reducing inflammation
helps your body release a number of toxins, including heavy metals and environmental chemicals. With infrared sauna you can also lose weight, relax, relieve joint pain, uric acid, increase you circulation and purify your skin!
improves lymph system; cellulite reduction; weight loss; toxins removal; pain release; helps with thrombosis, varicose; blood circulation; oxygen transportation throw the body.
stimulates immune system and blood circulation, improves hemoglobin; prevent cardiovascular, nervous system and respiratory disease; reduces fatigue; helps with lose weight.

Benefits of our treatments:

  • Purging of heavy metals; A more balanced pH level; Reducing inflammation; Purging of yeast; Detoxifying the liver; Internal cleansing with full-body purge; Liver, kidney, and parasite cleansing; Enhancing the immune system.
  • Better breastfeeding; Improved immune system; Relaxation; Detox; Reduce swelling; Promote healing; Preventing thrombosis; Regulates blood pressure and heart rate; Against cellulite.
  • Weight loss; Detoxification for your whole body; Pain & stress relief; Cardiovascular workout; Organic skin care, Benefits for immune system; Prevention of arthritis, Reduces uric acid level.

Special Programs

Program for arthritis:

Dead Sea mud application; collagen ultrasonic; electro therapy; infrared wrap; magnetic therapy

Program for psoriasis, eczema

Dead Sea mud application; LED phototherapy; ionic detox

Program for weight loss and metabolism unbalanced

lymphatic drainage; ionic detox, oxygen drink, infrared wrap, cupping massage

Program for fatty liver and digestive system problems

ionic detox, lymphatic drainage; electro pressure therapy; green detox juce

Program for diabetics and endocrinology patients

green detox drinks; ionic detox; lymphatic platform; cupping massage

Program for patients with anxiety and panic attack

reflexology massage, cupping massage; collagen wrap; lymphatic platform; aromatherapy massage

Special of the week

50% off

On Express Detox
1 Day Package

Express Detox 1 Day Program

Infrared Sauna + Lymph Drainage + Ionic Cleanse + Ultrasound Collagen Facial

Make an appointment: 305-916-1248

List of treatments

Bio resonance computer diagnostic test

NewLymphatic drainage

NewIonic detox

LID- phototherapy for skin problems

Ear candeling treatment

Ultrasonic cavitation

Collagen body wrap with infrared

Parasites test, heavy metal test

NewNutrition and diet plan consultation

Cupping massage

Infrared sauna

Lymphatic platform foot massage

Reflexology massage

Oxygen cocktail

Classical facial

Hot mud and sea salt application

NewElectromagnetic therapy

Electromagnetic acupuncture

Parafine hand application

Collagen mask with ultrasound facial

Head massage


Client testimonials

I was in Island of health for a 7 days program. It’s was very helpful and amazing time! I started feeling much better almost after 5 days!!! Thanks a lot Yuliya and Paul for everything!!

Jane Gordon, Chicago. 

Me and my husband visiting Island of Health for 3 years. Everything just perfect! Food, treatments, entertainment!!! The are results after procedures - incredibly !!We are highly recommended to come there!!

Emily and Gregory Parchom, New York.

Thanks to Island of Health for attention, professionalism, special care of us - your clients! We are appreciate all of your team for your greatest work!!

Nataly Lemovski and Greta Dolchek.